Make Link Building a Top Priority

Joan Alavedra - August 3rd, 2021
Make Link Building a Top Priority

Now you've set up your website and are ready to take on your online presence. You've created and planned your content, and you've certainly made beautiful products to take the industry by storm. What's next for you to do? The best next move for you is to do link building. Also called inbound links or incoming links, link building is an essential part of SEO, as it builds up the credibility of your content

In this article, we'll talk about what link building is, its significance to you and your business, and the many proven techniques that you can take on to start your link-building practice.

Why Backlink in SEO is important

Consider word of mouth, but in terms of SEO, that's how backlink works in a particular analogy. A backlink affects your SERP and SEO ranking. In fact, a backlink from a popular and reputable website can give you a significant and positive boost in your ranking. Why is this so?

Backlinks signify that another resource, or site or entity, considers your content valuable so much so that they'd like to link in their content. How do search engines interpret this kind of activity? It simply tells them that others vouch for your content, and because of that, it must be a credible resource. The better backlinks you get, the better your SERP is.

Link Building Techniques

It is not an excellent strategy to make awesome content and let it out there, hoping someone will come across it and link it to their site. Like everything else, you can't leave your backlinks to chance.

For that reason, we're sharing with you some easy link building techniques that you can try:

The Skyscraper Technique

The term "Skyscraper Technique" was coined by Brian Dean in 2015. His own link-building strategy gave him an 11% success rate and doubled his organic traffic in 14 days. Marketers since then have copied this strategy, and the results differ from one person to the next. Although it's not 100% effective, you can still use this technique following its concrete yet concrete steps.

First on the list is about finding existing link-worthy content that has generated many links in the past. So, it's not just any content after all but something that is already valuable. The idea is to elevate that already good content to new, greater heights. Thus the term "skyscraper." Did you get that?

After locking in your chosen content, you then decide to create a better version of it. A better version may either be something longer. If you've made "10 Ways to Renovate Your Old Bedroom" before, you can probably make it to 15 or 20 now. Another way is to make it more up-to-date and in keeping with the times. The third way is to make it more visually appealing and eye-catching to users. Once all of this is done, work on your cold emails. Reach out to those who have already linked your content in the past.

Guest Post Linking

Some would say that guest blogging is already a defunct link-building strategy, but it is still effective today. True, it's been associated with spam emails, but you can still make it work. First, you have to be authentic and not just guest blogging for the sake of links. When you research thoroughly and become a subject matter expert on the content you're making, readers will know and will appreciate you for it.

Perfect your pitch by increasing your knowledge. You can do this by knowing what the blog is about and who the bloggers behind it are. Socializing with the blog can also be part of your pitch. You can leave comments and participate in blog discussions as well.

Broken Link Building

It starts with a broken link, as you guessed from the name. It's almost like the Skyscraper technique, but you'll start with existing content in your niche that's no longer live, recreating that content, and pitch to those who've linked to that content and ask them to replace the broken link with your new one.

This is not a new technique, but it works. If you think about it, hundreds and thousands of content are being created regularly, so the chances of you finding a broken link are innumerable. You can use broken link finder tools such as the broken link report in Ahref.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Another technique that you can try is using HARO. It's a service that provides journalists with a connection to a wide array of sources. For you, that's an opportunity to get excellent media coverage. Since the critical part of link building is to get quality, what is more, credible than the word of a professional - journalists and big media alike.

To start, you'll have to sign up as a source. Bloggers and journalists submit requests to the site for sources called queries. If you've signed up as a source, you'll get daily emails every 5:35 a.m., 12:35 p.m., and 5:35 p.m. Eastern time. Be on the lookout for these emails containing queries from anything under the sun (or be faster by using products like HeadcomAI and its notifications). Since it's not a numbers game, be sure to stick to the ones most relevant to your business and respond quickly. Once you narrowed it down, make your pitch and wait for a reporter to get back to you.

Ways to Build Backlinks

Create good content and a legitimate site

It may not need content but perhaps a compelling product or service that other users and businesses will want to link to. Although this may be the ideal scenario, we know that it takes more than that to eventually get credible links. Nonetheless, it'd be easier to pitch for referrals when you have a valuable offering coupled with a professional website, as the product will speak for itself.

Make and Share Infographics

Humans are visual beings. With that said, it's not a surprise that infographics catch almost everybody's eye. With good graphic design focusing on a trending topic, or something related to your product, added with insightful data, you can attract others to share your infographic. If you are selling coffee products, you can make an infographic about the benefits of everyday caffeine consumption or compare the number of coffee drinkers per city. This is especially useful in social media, where bite-sized content is the king.

Check your competitors' backlinks

Another way to build backlinks, especially if you're looking for ones with quality, is to look at your competitors. You can start with a keyword search to compare your site and your competitor's ranking. One way to know why they are getting more traffic than you are to check their backlinks. It's not just a peek and copy, though. You need to analyze their top backlinks, and ideally, those are the ones you'd want to pursue.


What is link building?

Link building is almost like creating an invisible string with other sites. It's the process of getting other websites to link to a page on your site to get a higher SERP order. Hyperlinks help search engines crawl the web, a way for users to get their way into the net. As always, quality beats quantity, so the more authoritative or credible links you get, the better your results will be. Having link-worthy content, product, or service is something that you should strive for. However, you can also complement these with a few proven link-building techniques.

What is the purpose of link building?

Link building is like a guide for users to navigate their way into the internet. Let's say you're running an online bookshop. Someone out there is reading a book review article for a list of newly published books and sees your business being linked as one of the suggested places to buy this book and that. With one click, they get redirected to your site, and you have a potential buyer. Aside from that, link building also helps the web crawl between the pages in your website, helping them discover new web pages and potentially boost your search rankings.

What is the importance of linking?

As with any business, valuable working relationships matter; your connections at times define you like any other business. Linking is all about building relationships, finding valuable referrals, and building your brand. This means that aside from making a good product, service, or content that's worth linking to, you also need to reach out and establish a network with other sites relevant to your niche or industry. When popular or credible sites link your site or your page, and you get a higher search ranking, you'll get more exposure and traffic. And for a business, these are certainly an advantage.

To Sum Up

Good content coupled with a link-building technique that works for you will do wonders for your business. Even if you're not selling a product or a service, you can make your content stand out by knowing your niche/industry and making reliable connections around it. Remember, visibility and traffic are critical keys to making your online presence count. And in this day and age, what counts helps you, your business, or your brand survive or even flourish.

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Joan Alavedra

Joan Alavedra is a writer on HeadcomAI's content marketing team, based in Paris, France.

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