HARO alternative

HeadcomAI is a simple, focused Help A Reporter Out (HARO) alternative to get you quoted in high authority publications and earn backlinks.


3 keywords alerts
One workspace



Unlimited keyword alerts
Unlimited workspaces
Traffic DR and information
AI pitch generator
Sort opportunities by keywords


No credit card required.

Forget about doing CTRL + F on email

HARO sends the newsletter 3 times a day, we update the opportunities as soon as they are sent.

Limitless keyword alerts

Compared to using HARO alerts, HeadcomAI offers unlimited keyword notifications when opportunities come up.

Organize your workspace per project

Do you manage different websites? Different projects allow you to keep an organized workspace.

Get backlinks and boost your SEO

Write pitches to journalists in seconds and make them stand out with the help of AI

No credit card required.